Supporting families in Manitoba to plan for an enriched quality of life for their family member with an intellectual disability.

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"So many people need Continuity Care's help. I've met a 60-year old who was suddenly shuffled off to a foster home because her 90-year old parent died. I've met a widow who was using her old age pension to support herselfas well as her intellectually disabled son. I know a retired couple who are unable to visit their grandchildren who live out of province because they are now primary caregivers of a sibling. It breaks my heart."

- Bob Manwaring, Past Executive Director, Continuity Care

"My experience in the business world and as a volunteer for people with disabilities has encouraged me to reflect on their quality of life. I believe Continuity Care helps families to realize their dreams for the family member with a disability. I am proud of my personal and corporate involvement."

- John Pollard, Pollard Banknote - donors

I was told to institutionalize my daughter Justine because she was born with Down Syndrome. It was two years before I was given the diagnosis. From then on I had two purposes in life. My first goal was to educate Justine and give her a decent life; the second was to prepare the supports for the time when my husband and I have passed away. Continuity care is an integral part of these supports."

- Helen, parent

"I am involved with the Sib to Sib and Senior Parent to Parent programs because my sister with multiple disabilities has lived with my husband and me since 1989. Since then both of my parents have passed on. My parents made no provision for Gladys and so we became her caregivers. We feel more like parents than siblings.

At the first meeting of Senior Parent to Parent we attended I knew we had found a group that could understand what we were going through. When we told our story, we immediately recieved the understanding and support that we so desperately needed.I know this support group helps us, and is continuing to to help us as we work towards placing my sister in a small group home. She is attending a day program twice a week, and has made many new friends for the first time in her life."

- Jane, sibling

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