Supporting families in Manitoba to plan for an enriched quality of life for their family member with an intellectual disability.

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Community Links

  • Family Village ~
    Family Village is a global community that integrates information, resources and communication opportunities on the internet for persons with mental retardation and other disabilities, their families, and those that provide them services and supports.

  • Inclusion Press ~
    A small press that strives to provide information and resources about full inclusion in school, work and community. Person-centred planning tools such as P.A.T.H., MAPS and Circles were developed by Jack Pearpoint, John O'Brien and Marsha Forest. This is where you can access their materials.

       Innovative LIFE Options ~

    LIFE is a non-profit organization contracted by Manitoba Family Services to offer resources, training, advice and guidance to each person who receives In the Company of Friends (ICOF) funding.

  • PLAN: Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network ~
    PLAN was established in British Columbia to safeguard the future for a relative with a disability. They are dedicated to lifelong involvement. PLAN was the inspiration for Continuity Care.


  • Open Access Resource Centre~
    Open Access Resource Centre is a community-based resource that provides Manitobans with impaired communication access to equipment, by offering short-term equipment loans and training/consultation to increase the knowledge of communications technology.

  • Community Living Winnipeg~
    ACL Winnipeg is an organization that works on behalf of families and individuals living with an intellectual disability.

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