Supporting families in Manitoba to plan for an enriched quality of life for their family member with an intellectual disability.

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The Pieces of the Planning Circle

We use the circle in our logo as a symbol of the planning we need to do for our family member. When you look at a circle, you look at the whole, not a part. No part of the circle is more important than any other. It is a cycle, not just one piece. We must find balance by respecting the four directions. In our interpretation of the circle of planning, we look at life for an individual at these four points - Person, Family, Community and Society.   

Back to top We look at our family member as identified by their individuality, their talents and their strengths. We learn to see them differently and help them find activities and establish relationships that will enrich their lives.

Back to top Our family is the guardian of the past. Its members hold the stories of who we are, what we did, the special days that help form us. The key to preserving that story is creating a personal portfolio with our family member - photos, word pictures and memories that bring back the past and serve as a foundation for the future.

Back to top Community comprises the people and places right around us: the apartment where we live, the bench out front where people sit, the store where we shop, the church where we go to worship, the things we do for recreation. Most of all it is a collection of places "where everybody knows your name". The only way to benefit from community is to be in it. This builds circles of friends and activities.

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Society is the entire culture: the banks, the businesses, the newspapers, much of it based on money. Most important for a person with a disability are the SYSTEMS that have been set up to deal with our social responsibilities - school systems, health systems, child and family service systems, legal systems, and more. But systems are always changing and we need a way to assist the individual to respond. By creating a Sharing Circle, a person with a disability will have real help to live fully in a society of money and systems.

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