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Continuity Care’s annual income has been primarily one - time foundation grants; notable exceptions are The Winnipeg Foundation, The Thomas Sill Foundation and The Royal Bank all of whom have provided several significant grants. In order to provide adequate funds to sustain basic administrative costs the Continuity Care Endowment Fund has been established, housed and managed by the Winnipeg Foundation. The financial security of steady annual income will ensure that Continuity Care can serve the families most isolated and vulnerable and in desperate need of concrete resources and tools to plan for the future needs of their son or daughter with an intellectual disability.

Continuity Care’s modest basic operating costs are projected at $130,000 per annum. An Endowment Fund of $2 million paying a yield of 5% yearly can assure this. To date $1,873,125.02 has been raised. We are at 94% of our goal - almost home!

To make a secure donation online right now, simply click on the "The Winnipeg Foundation" button on the left.
It is important that Continuity Care have available Endowment Funds for long term sustainability, and to ensure an arms length relationship with government services. Government priorities change, funds are cut and occasionally their clients are left without access to services. Sometimes, Continuity Care must act on behalf of the family to help negotiate access to government services or agencies for the individual with an intellectual disability.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the fall issue of the Campaign Newsletter in PDF format. The newsletter includes several campaign reports as well as a full listing of all Campaign Donors to date.

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